Technology Company Strategy

Case Study – Global Technology Company

Case Study Hiring Female Leadership to Strengthen Executive Team Situation Our client is one of the world’s most respected technology and consulting services providers, and Fortune 100 icon. Having worked with them for over 10 years to recruit key executives, managers and individual contributors we were briefed to find a new Head of Transformation for […]

Magic Law Firm Strategy

Case Study – Magic Circle Law Firm

Case Study What does ‘feedback’ mean to some of the best legal minds? Situation Our client, a Magic Circle law firm, conducts an annual employee engagement survey which has consistently identified that ‘more feedback’ is sought by lawyers at Managing Associate and Associate levels. However, it was not possible to deduce from the survey responses […]

Case Study: Strategic talent acquisition to access new markets

  Building consulting capability in new markets for a tier-one strategy consultancy Executive search for leading strategy consultancy     Situation Our client is one of the most prestigious global strategy firms, with offices in every major geographical region and a track record of helping the world’s largest companies overcome critical business issues. The senior […]

Workplaces failing to tackle ‘Always On’ Culture

New research found that unlike other countries, the UK has made little progress in helping staff switch off outside of work hours – to the detriment of workers’ wellbeing. UK firms are failing to get a grip on the “always-on” culture which leaves workers connected to work communications at all hours, according to new research. […]

Black Cab Conversations

Ever wonder where the word ‘coaching’ comes from? The etymology is hazy but one source links it to conversations that people would have in horse-drawn coaches and about being ‘in transit’. I like the idea of this as coaching is about a journey of sorts and being in transit as a person. We at Inextrinsic […]

Business Strategy

Case Study – Strategy Consulting Firm

Case Study Researching Employees’ Perception of Work-Life Quality for One of the World’s Leading Strategy Consulting Firms Situation The Financial Services Group (FSG) of this leading strategy consulting firm wanted to understand how they could make their Firm the best place to work, not just for attracting and retaining talent, but through a desire to […]

Can fathers have it all?

Can fathers have it all? What I mean is, can a man be successful in his job, working for an organisation, and also be an involved dad? Many men do work flexibly, often working from home on certain days and able to attend school assemblies and events without having to book half a day off […]